Reasons why you should consider introducing a debit order collections facility for your business?

Debit Order Collections Made Easy

  1. A debit order collections service gives you full control over your debtors’ payments – no more cash flow problems from your debtors.
  2. Save time, money and effort collecting payments.
  3. Manage all your debit orders securely online 24/7.
  4. Our debit collection dates are veryflexible ranging from recurring to once-off collections on any day of the month.
  5. Your debited money is immediately available after your batch has cleared.
  6. Have 24/7 instant access to all the information regarding your clients,payments,failed-payments,reports and more via our secure web-interface and reporting system.
  7. No need to contact your clients requesting payments/outstanding payments anymore, you take full control of your cash flow immediately.
  8. It is more cost effective to make use of the Corporate Collect Debit Order Collections system ,compared to normal bank charges.
  9. Registration is quick and simple.Corporate Collect is a secure online 24/7 Debit order management company in South Africa.

Management and Administration of debit order collections against all Southern African bank accounts as well as Master & Visa Credit Cards.