Our Corporate Collect Debit Order Collection Advantage makes us the leading debit order facility in South Africa

Cost Saving Debit Orders South Africa

  • Security fee based on success rate.
  • Automatic Debit Order Processing – no more tedious<strong>monthly manual</strong> debit order packaging.
  • Safe, Secure and Trusted Debit Order System.
  • E-mail notification on any account movements.
  • Low Cost Structure.
  • Corporate Collect will provide you with a standard debit order mandate form that needs to be signed by your customers.
  • 24/7 Access to all your data and reports.
  • Full interactive account management system.
  • User friendly online interface and easy uploading of clients.
  • Account holder verification.
  • History and statistics accessibility 24/7
  • Secure Corporate Collect Wallet.
  • Personalised consultant service.

Corporate Collect – The Number One choice in management and collection of debit orders in South Africa.

Need more convincing?

The Corporate Collect Kickback Referral System:

  • Receive a continuous commission on every client debit order sign up you refer.
  • Make money while using the Corporate Collect debit order system.
  • Track your referral commission on your Corporate Collect account.

Make the switch and save money, time and ensure your company an unhindered future cash flow.

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